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Electronic Price Labels for Retail and Fashion Stores

Pricing solutions with superior features

Retail Store Labels


EllaRetail ESLs (Electronic Shelf Labels) offer superior visual and functional pricel label properties. Cut down time spent on pricing and save money

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Fashion Store Labels

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Lightweight price label with features, including dynamic pricing, RFID, Antitheft.
EllaFashion labels consist of price displays, two-way radio equipment and controller software

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Intelligent Fitting Room

Intelligent Fitting Room

EllaFittingRoom Solution for increased cross-sales. It also calculates garments arriving and leaving the fitting rooms continously and reports all kinds of unusual behaviour

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Retail Store Labels

Our ESL price labels combine the best qualities of an electronic and paper label: e-paper technology enables the paper-like look. Pricing information that can be changed is displayed on the right side. Product information sticker with product name, EAN and product code is on the left side of the label.

EllaRetail Pricing Solution consists of wireless and wired labels. Wireless EllaRetail Shelf Labels (ESL) employ a two-way radio and they can be affixed to shelf edge. Wired EllaRetail Large Labels (ELL) are best utilized at produce, baked goods or fruit and vegetable departments. There are eight standard sizes of the two labels types.

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Fashion Store Labels

EllaFashion Solution consists of price displays, two-way radio equipment and controller software.

The superior visual and functional properties of EllaFashion Solution make it an attractive choice for most different environments; from an exclusive boutique to outlets and anything in between. Retailer saves money and receives a reliable tool for maximizing sales, profit and margins.

EllaFashion Solution is based on e-paper technology to answer the true needs of retail business

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Intelligent Fitting Room

EllaFittingRoom is an intelligent fitting room that works together with MariElla labels. It helps customers to try and buy more and the efficient anti-theft features help you to achieve minimum shrinkage.

With the EllaFittingRoom Solution enabled, the customer can easily request different size, color or different garments via tablet.

EllaFittingRoom solution also calculates garments (i.e. EllaFashion price labels) arriving and leaving the fitting rooms continously and reports all kinds of unusual behaviour.

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intelligent fitting room

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