Electronic Retail Store Labels

Sell more, sell faster, make more profit with EllaRetail pricing systems

EllaRetail Pricing Solution is an electronic pricing solution developed in close cooperation with retailers, for retailers. The ongoing dialogue enables continuous learning and further development of the solution.

EllaRetail Solution consists of price displays, two-way radio equipment, controller software and additional equipment such as rails and holders.

The superior visual and functional properties of EllaRetail Solution makes it an attractive choice for most environments; from exclusive boutiques to hypermarkets and anything in between. Retailer saves money and receive a reliable tool for maximizing sales, profit and margins.

electronic retail store price labels


Electronic labels and pricing systems: Maximum functionality at a very reasonable price

EllaRetail price labels combine the best qualities of electronic labels and paper labels: e-paper technology enables a paper-like look. Pricing information which can be changed remotely is displayed on the right side. A product information sticker with product name, EAN and product code is on the left side of the label.

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