Smart Fitting Room

EllaFittingRoom Solution for increased cross-sales

EllaFittingRoom is a smart fitting room that works together with MariElla labels price tags and systems. It helps customers try and buy more, and the efficient anti-theft features help you achieve minimum shrinkage.

With the EllaFittingRoom Solution enabled, the customer can easily request different sizes, colors or different garments via a tablet.

Efficient anti-theft

EllaFittingRoom solution calculates garments (i.e. EllaFashion price labels) arriving and leaving the fitting rooms continously and reports all kinds of unusual behaviour.


Increase cross sales and profit

  • Order different sizes, colours or products to the Fitting Room via a touch screen. The request is sent to a shop assistant’s mobile.
  • See product related information
  • Responsive and accurate customer service
  • Cross sales promotions shown on screen
  • Connected to the inventory system
  • Get analysis data and reports easily to guide the business
  • With the anti-theft feature, 40% less shrinkage.
  • Increase your profit up to 25%
increase cross sales with smart fitting rooms


EllaFittingRoom system calculates and reports unusual behaviour:

  • Too many of the same products
  • Women’s, men’s and children’s clothes mixture
  • Too large size range tried on clothes from XS-L sizes
  • A great amount of clothes brought into the Fitting Room

This makes EllaFittingRoom an efficient anti-theft system and leads to minimun shrinkage.

smart fitting room

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